How are Governors recruited?

Governors are recruited by several different methods depending upon the type of Governor being sought.

Local Authority (LA) Governor

This category of Governor needs to be approved by the Local Authority (LA) and although likely candidates may be put forward by the LA,  the Governing Body can seek suitably skilled individuals from within the Local Authority arena who may then be put forward to LA Governor Services to take up references prior to taking up the position.

Staff Governor

Any member of Woodcote Primary School staff (not restricted to teaching staff) may nominate themselves or be nominated to stand for the Staff Governor position, and the position will be appointed following a vote by the staff at the school.

Co-opted Governor

If a vacancy arises for a Co-opted Governor then a role description and skills requirement will be produced.  The Governing Body will work with the One Stop Governor Shop to identify local candidates who may be a good match to meet the need.  If the parental balance on the Governing Body at that time allows, then this may also be opened up to the parent body to apply.  When any suitable candidates have provided a covering letter and CV, a subgroup of the Governing Body would review these to make a short list who would then undertake the interview process.  Once a decision has been made by the subgroup, this would be presented to the main Governing Body for approval.

Parent Governor

Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school. Any parent, or carer of a registered pupil at the school at the time of election is eligible to stand for election as a parent governor. Parent governors may continue to hold office until the end of their term of office even if their child leaves the school.

Following the most recent statutory guidance, issued 27 March 2015: –

Governing bodies may only appoint as a parent governor a parent who has, in their opinion, the skills to contribute to effective governance and the success of the school.  Every effort should therefore be made upfront to avoid potential difficulties later by informing prospective candidates of the nature of the role and securing their agreement to a clear set of expectations for behaviour and conduct.

How do I raise any concerns with the Governing Body?

The Governing Body welcome communication from all of the school stakeholders.  If you wish to raise a concern or share an idea or opinion then please do so by either emailing us on or alternatively you can write a letter and give it to the Office to pass onto us.

We make a concerted effort to ensure that there is always at least one Governor in attendance at school functions, such as performances, coffee mornings or parents evenings so this is another way that you can speak to us face to face.

There are also some of us that you will see daily in the playgrounds, where we would be more than happy to answer any quick questions you may have.  However, if you have something of a more important or sensitive nature to discuss then please use one of the more formal routes mentioned above.

If an individual wishes to raise a concern on behalf of a group of parents\stakeholders, it is necessary that all such parties put their name to such communication so the Governing Body can be informed of all the individuals involved.

We will always do our best to respond to you in the first instance within 24 hours of your communication, however we ask that you please bear in mind that we also have working and family life to juggle alongside our voluntary Governor responsibilities.