Woodcote Primary School’s Governing Body offers strategic direction to the school, reviews the school’s Vision Statement and Development Plan annually and ensures that continuous improvement is achieved at the school. All governors visit the school at least once a term (often more), and complete a report on the standards that they observe during their visit. Governors also attend an INSET day annually.

It is up to each and every governor to fulfil his or her statutory responsibilities efficiently and to implement any changes within set deadlines. Every governor undertakes regular CPD, in order to keep their understanding, skills and knowledge up-to-date. This ensures that they contribute to the school running efficiently with continually rising standards.

The Governing Body sets an appropriate budget each year, which allows Woodcote Primary to achieve its desired outcomes.  Budget data is scrutinised termly by the Governing Body, and challenged when appropriate to ensure best value. Governors attend regular training and update their knowledge on financial procedures each year.

Governors ensure the health and safety of all users of the school premises, including procedures for safeguarding children.  Accidents are monitored, audits are scrutinised and recommendations are implemented accordingly.  Policies are reviewed annually and Health and Safety is an agenda item at every meeting.

Governors encourage good citizenship in the school and community.  Community cohesion is promoted through school policy, community events and governor interactions.  Governors are aware of the links between the community and the school, and they offer appropriate challenge to maintain standards.

Woodcote Primary’s Governing Body was reconstituted in September 2014 to allow for a more dynamic and targeted structure. It is now made up of:-

  • 2 x Parent Governors
  • 1 x Staff Governor
  • 1 x LA Governor
  • 7 x Co-opted Governors
  • 3 x Associate Governors
  • 1 x Head Teacher

The full Governing Body meets monthly with specific roles covered by teams of at least two governors who report back at each meeting.