Dear Parents/Carers


Your child’s Google Classroom is now up and running.


Each week there will be a folder which will contain the learning which is taking place in the classroom.

The work contained in this folder is for children to access if they are not in attendance at school. If your child has been in school, then the work can be accessed to revisit/recap learning at home. We hope parents will also find this useful to gain a better overview of the learning taking place in class.


On a Thursday, there will be an additional folder which will contain the homework for that week. Some of the homework set will be completed online, but the instructions and links will be contained in the homework folder on Google Classroom.


You will need to ensure that you have the login details which were sent home with your child last Wednesday in order to access the online homework.


Please can you try to login to Google Classroom before Thursday to check that you can access the learning.


Some people have been having difficulty logging in and have reached a page which asks for a class code. You do not need a class code to join. We have already allocated the children to the classrooms. You should refer to the login and password details which were sent home last week. Please work through the instructions in the guide carefully. After loading, you need to click on ‘Sign in’ located in the top right hand corner, and then select ‘Google Classroom’ from the drop down menu. Some people have been clicking on ‘Go to Google Classroom’ (in the centre of the screen) – this will not take you to the correct login page. Please find attached an amended version of the guide showing how to log in.


Kind regards 


Mrs Caroline Cox 

Deputy Head Teacher 

28th September
Autumn Term
Year Group