Dear Parent/Carer of Years 3 to 6,


Easter Arrangements for KS2


On the last day of the Spring Term, Friday 3rd April, the children can:


  •         Wear ‘Spring’ mufti – their own clothes in bright, Spring colours.
  •         Enter the Key Stage 2 Decorated Easter Egg competition.


The Decorated Easter Egg competition is a chance for your child to let their imagination go wild and create something WONDERFUL with a single hard-boiled egg.


What could you use to add colour? Paints? Pens? Fabric? Stickers?


What will you make? Patterns? A person? A monster?


Or is your imagination better than that? Are you thinking of something that we haven’t thought of?


You have until the last day of term to design and produce your egg (but don’t make it too early!)


Judging will focus mainly on the decoration of the egg, although you can create a background if you wish.


On Friday 3rd April, wrap your egg up carefully before you come to school and take it to your class. Decorated Eggs will then be brought to the hall once Breakfast Club has been cleared away. The eggs will be judged, and prizes presented during a special assembly later on that day. Please make sure you collect your egg at the end of the day, as they cannot be stored until after Easter.


School finishes at 2.30pm on the last day of term – Friday 3rd April (There is no after school club on this day)


Kind regards and happy creating!


Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School

23rd Feb
Year Group
Years 3 to 6