FOOD/SUPPORT PACKS FOR MOST VULNERABLE FAMILIES – THINKING OF OTHERS IN A LITTLE MORE NEED. In anticipation of emergency measures being taken over the coming weeks, Woodcote Primary would like to try and support the most vulnerable families in our community. As it seems that many families are out perhaps ‘panic buying’ or maybe ‘sensibly preparing’ for effects of Coronavirus, we would like to help those that can’t perhaps easily afford such preparation.

We will accept donations and sort these in to bags (please send them in too). We will then consider distribution of packs as families contact us with requests. Our priority families will be identified through Free School Meals/Pupil Premium status however we will also try to support any other family requiring a pack.

We would appreciate any support and whilst there may not end up being a need for such supplies – we would like to be prepared just in case!

We will be accepting donations of the following items;


Porridge oats and Cereal

Powdered milk or long-life milk

Long life fruit juice

Tea and Coffee

Rice, Pasta , noodles and lentils

Sugar, Honey or jam

Tinned foods or jars

Tinned or dried fruit


Toilet roll





Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.

14th March
Year Group