Dear Parents/Carers of Pupils in Year 4

Year 4 will be having an end of year games day on Friday 20th December. Children will be able to bring in board games to play with. They will also be allowed to bring in one of the following if they so choose: a Switch, DS, PS Vita, iPod, iPad or other tablet.  These devices will be locked in a cupboard during break and lunch but even so you should be aware that the school cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage should it occur.  Children are only permitted to bring in games which are age related.  Please ensure that all items are clearly named.

Phones are not permitted. Please note that children are not permitted to use the camera functionality of any item, use the internet or data, or any item-to-item chat software that doesn’t require the internet.

We may watch a film or play games on consoles. We will only watch U certificate films and play age related games.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Year 4 Team

13th December
Autumn Term
Year Group