Dear Parent/Carer of pupils in Year 1,


This year, the class will be using Maths with Parents as part of their home learning in Maths. Teachers will set a Maths with Parents task every two weeks for your child to complete.


Learning outside the classroom makes such a difference to children’s progress in Maths and this platform has created ways for families to discover the fun in Maths together.


New teaching methods, time constraints and lack of confidence can be issues when learning Maths at home. Maths with Parents provides a solution where you and your child watch a short video explaining the topic and then play a game or activity together using items around the home.  Each topic is chosen by the class teacher, so it is the same as what your child is currently learning.


To sign up




2)Click the Log In button, then the New Parent button


3)Enter your child’s class code


Class: 1B – 353393 

Class: 1L – 437699 

Class: 1M – 786342 

Class: 1S – 794902



4)Enter details about you and your child and click Confirm


Maths with Parents will not share your email address, but it needs to be correct so you can receive your password.


What next?


·When your child’s teacher sets a new topic, you will get an email to let you know it is time to log in again


·Log in, watch the video with your child and choose the activity to play first


·After you have played the activity together, leave feedback for the teacher or upload a photo


·Pick an item to dress up your Monkey Mathscot!


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s class teacher.



Kind Regards


Mr Craig Dobson

Leader of Learning for Mathematics