Dear Parents and Carers of Year 5 and 6 (September 2020)

Please find attached our Mobile Phone Policy. The policy has statements regarding pupils, staff and parents use of mobile phones on the school grounds.

We understand that in some circumstances, such as your child travelling to and from school independently, you may wish to have the added security of a phone. Our Mobile Phone Policy agrees to Year 5 and 6 pupils being allowed to bring their phones in to school subject to them complying with our guidelines and parent/carer completing the google form here.

Forms must be completed before the phone can be brought in to school. Forms must be completed again this year, even if you completed a form last year.

If your child is bringing a mobile phone to school we must have a completed form and they must follow the school guidelines outlined below.

  • The mobile phone must be switched off before they enter the school grounds, and put out of sight in their bag. The phone is not to be turned on again until they have left the school grounds.
  • Your child will not have access to their phone during the school day – any contact which may be necessary must be through the school office.
  • Your child must follow the guidelines as set out in the school’s Mobile Phone Policy or permission to have their phone at school will be removed.

The school will not take any responsibility for phones.  If a child does not adhere to these guidelines we may remove the phone from them and return it to their parents/carers.

Your help in this matter is appreciated. Please support the school by reading and following the school’s policy.


Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School


21st August 2020
Year Group
5 and 6
Letter attachment