Dear Parents/Carers,


You will have recently received a letter from the DFE/NHS encouraging you to get your child the Nasal Flu Immunisation.


The annual flu vaccination programme will run between September and December 2020. The Immunisation Team will be visiting Woodcote Primary School to administer the nasal flu immunisation on Friday, 11th December 2020. This is the date we have been allocated and although we would prefer it to be sooner we are unable to change this.


Flu can be an unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications. This annual vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against the flu. Vaccinating healthy children also helps to protect those more vulnerable by reducing the spread and transmission of flu. The presence of COVID-19 this winter season increases the importance of flu vaccine uptake for those who are vulnerable or who have regular contact with the vulnerable population.


The vaccine is recommended by Public Health England and forms part of the routine immunisation schedule for all children from Reception to school Year 7. It is given via a quick and simple spray up the nose.


A consent form will be sent home with your child in November, which should be completed indicating your Yes or No consent decision, with all relevant questions answered. Please return the consent form to the school within seven days of receipt. Children will not receive the vaccination if we do not receive your consent.


Kind regards,


Woodcote Primary School

30th September 2020