Dear Parents/Carers,


We will be sending the Nasal Flu Immunisation consent forms home today with your child. Please find attached a leaflet with information about the Nasal Flu Vaccination.


Please return the consent form to a member of staff at the gates by Friday, 23rd October 2020. Children will not receive the vaccination if we do not receive your consent. Please ensure you return the form to state if you are not giving consent also. The nurses will contact you if they have not had a form, so it is more helpful if you return the form to state you do or do not consent.


The annual flu vaccination programme will run between September and December 2020. The Immunisation Team will be visiting Woodcote Primary School to administer the nasal flu immunisation on Friday, 11th December 2020. This is the date we have been allocated and although we would prefer it to be sooner we are unable to change this.


The vaccine is recommended by Public Health England and forms part of the routine immunisation schedule for all children from Reception to school Year 7. It is given via a quick and simple spray up the nose.


Kind regards,


Woodcote Primary School

16th October 2020
Year Group