Sent on behalf of Immunisation Team, Croydon Health Services.


Dear Parent/Guardian,


The annual flu vaccination programme will run between October and December 2019. The Immunisation Team will be visiting Woodcote Primary School on Friday 13th December 2019 to administer the nasal flu vaccine.


Flu can be an unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications. This annual vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against the flu. Vaccinating healthy children also helps to protect those more vulnerable by reducing the spread and transmission of flu.


The vaccine is recommended by Public Health England and forms part of the routine immunisation schedule for all young children in Reception to school Year 6. It is given via a quick and simple spray up the nose. Please visit the following link for more information regarding the vaccine:


Your child’s school is utilising an online digital consent programme.  The school’s unique identification code is 135525. Please access and complete the consent form, indicating whether you do or do not consent to vaccination, via the following link:!/Page1


Please be aware that the consent form should be completed by the person with parental responsibility for your child.  For Looked After Children, the consent form must be completed by the child’s Social Worker.  Any changes regarding the health of your child must be communicated via email to your child’s school by 09:00am on the day of vaccination.


Online submission must be received by Tuesday 10th December 2019. Forms received after this deadline will not be counted towards the original planned session and your child will not be seen in school.

If you have submitted a ‘yes’ consent prior to the deadline, and subsequently wish to withdraw consent, this must be done by email to your child’s school by 09:00am on the session day. An Immunisation Nurse will then contact you to confirm your withdrawal of consent.  Please do not complete another online form to withdraw consent, especially after the submission deadline has passed, as this may not be viewed prior to the session.

Should you need any assistance with completing the online consent form in a timely manner, please direct your query to the service via the email address at the top right hand corner of the letter attached.

Yours sincerely


Sinead Hylton

Clinical Service Lead

20th November
Year Group