Dear Parents/Carers of Woodies Nursery


We continue to review and further improve the safeguarding of your children, and have been looking at how your children are dismissed from nursery at the end of the sessions. 


From Monday all children, both at lunchtime and at the end of the day, will be dismissed from the nursery office door. This means the playground area will not be opened and will allow for one child at a time to be handed to their parent/carer. We understand initially this will take a little longer than the previous dismissal routine, and ask for your patience whilst we implement this system. 


From Monday we ask that parents/carers form an orderly queue to the office door for collection. We would like the queue to start from the office door (to the left if you are facing the door) and to lead around the area against the building wall, the containers and the fence. Staff will aim to support you with this until it becomes routine. Please ensure you do not block the gate across the drive. 


Thank you for your support in advance.  




Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School 

29th February
Year Group