Dear Parents/Carers


As you will be aware we have provided places for some Critical Key Worker, Vulnerable, Year 6, Year 1 and Reception children since the closure on the 20th March. This provision has changed and evolved as we have risk assessed and with the ever changing guidance given to us from the government. Thank you to all the families who have sent their positive feedback and support for the actions the school and staff have taken. 


Last week the government announced that they will no longer expect schools to have all pupils returning in some form before the Summer. Whilst it has been mentioned that some schools may open for further pupils, this unfortunately is not something we will be able to do at Woodcote.


We took the decision last week, to close the Year 6 provision for the week of the 22nd June to allow a gap of 7 days in the hope that we could change or extend this provision. Unfortunately, as some of the lockdown measures have eased, this has meant more critical key worker families and vulnerable children are needing our support. We have therefore had to take the decision that the Year 6 pupils will not return after tomorrow and we are unable to reopen provision for Year 6. We understand this will be disappointing to some, but we have a limit on space and staff available whilst teaching children in ‘bubbles’ and we need to prioritise safety and the children of critical key workers and those who are vulnerable. 


We will continue with the current Year 1 and Reception provision for the current time until further notice. Unfortunately, this does mean that no further children from those year groups will be able to join this provision or start to attend school prior to the Summer. However, if our Critical Key Worker provision continues to expand we may have to look at stopping one of these provisions. We will inform families a week in advance if this is the case. 


As of writing this email, the government have made some comments about possible Summer Provisions. Schools have not received any guidance or instruction on this and at the current time we do not have any plans for such a provision.  Any guidance issued will be fully reviewed with the staff and governing board, and families will be informed of any decisions made. 


We do not yet know what will happen in September, and we thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding. 




Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School 

17th June
Year Group