Dear Parents, Carers and Staff

Next Week is Anti Bullying Week. During the week and as part of our Votes for Schools Assemblies we will be discussing the question; 

Do you think it is possible to reduce bullying in your school?

We will engage in some activities in class and focus on discussing the questions below to help children identify it what is happening might be bullying;

– Is someone hurt because of actions or words?

– Has it happened more than once with the same person/people?

– Was it on purpose (not an accident)?

We have decided to take part in Odd Socks Day as a way to highlight Anti-Bullying Week and celebrate what makes us all unique. We will be holding this on Tuesday 12th November. All children and staff are encouraged to wear their most outrageous and colourful odd socks on the day. We look forward to seeing the bright and clashing colours around the school!


Claire Baldock

Head of School