As promoted to parents earlier this year we have changed when and how we will deliver parent/teacher interviews this academic year based on the feedback from the parent survey in the Summer 2019.

Interviews will take place in the second week of the Spring Term. This will allow teachers to have reviewed your child’s work and assessments at the end of the Autumn Term and share these with you in the meeting. We hope families will find this more informative and supportive.

Parent interviews will take place on:

Tues 14th January             4.00 – 7.00      Classrooms

Thurs 16th January             3.40 – 6.20      Classrooms

These sessions are an opportunity for parents and teachers to review children’s progress and discuss targets.

The time available for each consultation is 10 minutes.  If you feel that more time is needed, a further appointment can be arranged with your child’s teacher.

Children in KS2 should attend with their parent/carer, to take part in the discussion and review their personal targets.

To book an appointment you will need to access our online booking system. This system will allow you to book a time that is convenient to you and will allow you to book appointments across teachers/classes if you have more than one child.

You can book appointments through the Woodcote Primary School App (which can be found in your App store) and then go to Key Links.

Alternatively you can book by going to

If you do have any problems please contact

We do hope you will be able to attend and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Claire Baldock

Head of School

8th November
Year Group