Dear Parents/Carers


Please find below the timetable for PE for each class.


1B Tuesday
1M Tuesday
1S Tuesday
1W Tuesday
2H Thursday
2R Thursday
2S Wednesday
2T Wednesday
3B Wednesday
3D Tuesday
3J Tuesday
3S Wednesday
4D Tuesday
4H Monday
4N Wednesday
4S Thursday
5L Thursday
5R Friday
5T Friday
6B Wednesday
6D Tuesday
6P Thursday


All PE lessons will take place outside.


On the day that your child has PE they should wear their PE kit to school instead of their school uniform.


The PE uniform consists of: 

  • Royal blue shorts
  • Plain T-shirt matching House Colour
  • Plain black or blue tracksuit bottoms/leggings and sweatshirt for outdoor PE


If the weather is warm, your child may wish to wear shorts for PE and bring a pair of tracksuit bottoms into school in case they are needed.


You may wish to send additional water with your child for the days that they have PE.


Kind regards


Mrs Caroline Cox

Deputy Head Teacher

10th September
Year Group