Dear Parent/Carer




Year 4 are planning a Viking Workshop to support their topic on Traders and Raiders


We are planning this visit for Wednesday 5th February 2020, and have made a provisional booking which we will confirm if we have sufficient interest.


The approximate cost of the workshop, per child has been calculated at £5.00.

The requested contribution covers the cost of one child and does not include a subsidy for children whose parents are unable to make a full contribution.  Under the 1996 Education Act we are only allowed to request contributions for the actual cost for each pupil. Parent/carers of children who are in receipt of certain benefits, or have ever been in receipt of them, may apply for assistance with the cost of the trip.

For a quick and easy response please complete the google form by accessing this link

 All replies should be received by Friday 13th December 2019 as we have to confirm our booking before we break up for the Christmas holidays.



Yours sincerely


Caroline Cox

Acting Deputy Head of School

2nd December
Autumn Term
Year Group