Dear Parents/Carers of pupils in Reception

We have arranged for the pupils in Reception to participate in Balanceability training during the week commencing 2nd December in the school playground. This course will be delivered by Cycling Instructor Ltd.

Each day, four groups of 6 children will receive training for an hour.

The training includes:

  • Fitting the bike to the child and helmet fitting.
  • Pick up and sit on the bike without falling over.
  • Learn to stride along on the bike. Aiming to get the group to move in a line at the same speed.
  • Learn how to stop using their feet.
  • Learn to push the bike and glide in a straight line by holding their feet off the ground.
  • Learn to glide and weave around objects, such as cones

In order for your child to take part in the training, you will need to complete and return the consent form which is being sent home today. Please return the forms by Wednesday 27th November so that we can organise appropriate groups.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Caroline Cox

Acting Deputy Head of School