Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to give you an overview regarding the full return to school in September. All children and staff are expected to return to school. Below are key details of some of the changes and steps we are taking to keep children, families, and staff as safe as we are able to. Full risk assessments are being carried out and all measures will be continually monitored, reviewed, and updated, as necessary. We have learnt much and put many things in place while the school has remained open to some since March; but with the increased number of staff and children, these have all been reviewed.

  • All children are expected to return to school on Monday 7th September (New Reception Children will have a staggered start). Parents/carers have a duty to ensure their child attends regularly at school.
  • Children will be placed in whole class ‘bubbles’, with some year group mixing at playtime in allocated outside areas or in the dinner hall (or in Breakfast and After School Club). Children will not move between classrooms, and different year groups will not mix. Children will not be brought together in areas such as the hall but will have assemblies broadcast to them in their classrooms. Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisor Staff will be allocated to year groups and will not work across year groups. Each year group will have their own set of toilets allocated, which will be cleaned throughout the day. Each class group will have their own set of equipment that is cleaned daily, and if equipment needs to be shared across a year group then a 48-72-hour quarantine after cleaning will be put in place.
  • In classrooms, children will be sat side by side and facing the front. Children will not be sat on the carpet for sessions (apart from in the Early Years). Each child will have their own personal stationery.
  • We have opted for a lengthened drop off and pick up time for all children, rather than staggered for different parts of the school. Any child, no matter their year group, can be dropped at the school between 8.30am – 9.15am, and will go straight to class. Pick up time for all children will be between 3pm – 3.30pm. The back gate and the KS2 front gate will be opened for these times only, and children must be punctual. There will be a one-way system around the outside of the whole site, and once a parent/child enters, you will need to complete the whole circuit to exit. The gates and routes will be staffed, so if you are able to leave your child at the school gate to enter, then this is preferred.   Only one adult can accompany a child/ren and social distancing must be maintained at all times. Adults are to enter and leave the site as quickly as possible.
  • Once children are on site their temperatures will be taken. Any child with a high temperature will be sent home immediately. No children or adults with a high temperature, persistent cough or lack of smell/taste are to enter the school grounds. Guidance will be given on nest steps if your child or a member of your household exhibits symptoms.
  • Initially, we will only provide hot meals for Universal Free School Meals (Reception to Year 2) and Free School Meals children. All other children will be required to bring a packed lunch daily. Once we have trialled this system, we hope to be able to return to paid meals.
  • Parents/Carers will not be able to enter the school building and to talk to staff at pick up or drop off.  The school office will be contactable via phone or email. If there is an unavoidable reason that access is needed to the school office, then an appointment must be made in advance. Any contact that needs to be made with the school/staff should be done via email in the first instance.
  • Information about Breakfast and After School Club was sent out last week. We are limiting and prioritise access to this provision. If you do use another childcare provider, we ask that you limit the number of providers, as the more groups your child mixes with the greater the risk to them, your family and others.
  • Children will only bring the minimum of items they need daily from home. Children’s items will be placed on or under their desks. Children will need their filled water bottle (fountains are switched off and staff cannot fill the bottles), a coat/jacket if the weather dictates and a packed lunch if needed only. No unnecessary bags or other items will be allowed.
  • Children are to attend in full and correct school uniform, apart from being encouraged to wear trainers for at least the first half term. We will find as many opportunities as we can to get them outside and moving so your child having trainers is best. We would prefer black trainers if possible. You will be told which day your child will have PE, and on that day your child will attend in their school PE kit for the day. Details of our other uniform expectations can be found on the school website. If you do need to make a purchase though Mapac, then you need to place your order by 3rd August. No Jewellery or watches will be allowed.
  • We plan for children to select two books from school on a Monday: one for home reading and one for school reading. The children will ‘keep’ this book for the week and should read at home and school daily. The books will then be collected on a Friday and place in the appropriate quarantine before they are distributed again. Children should not bring the ‘home’ book into school daily and will not bring their Reading Record in.

We know many of you may still have questions, so ask that you submit any questions using the Google Form HERE. We find these questions useful in helping us to plan and ask that you do take time to ask. Please submit your questions by Midday Monday 20th July.


Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School


13th July
Year Group