Dear Parents and Carers,


Now the children are settled and happy, we have started daily phonics lessons in Reception. This is where children learn to read and write through listening to and recognising the sounds in words.


Each week the children learn a new set of sounds. The first set of sounds is ‘s’,’a’,’t’ and ‘p’. Every Friday we will upload a set of ‘sound pages’ onto Google Classroom for the children to complete. Your children should have come home with their Google Classroom login details. We have already set their accounts up for them and you need to use the details provided to connect. There is a guide attached to this email to help you.


Each page of the Sound Folder will have one of the new sounds on. It would be great if you could support their learning through some or all of the following ways!

  • Search on google for images of objects (or people) that start with the sound. For example, a strawberry for the page ‘s’.
  • You could go on a sound hunt to find these objects and then take a photograph of what your child has found. This could be uploaded onto the sound page.
  • You could write the words that your child thinks of with the sound in.
  • Your child could have a go at writing a simple word with the sound in. For example, ‘sun’. If appropriate, they could even try and write a simple sentence with ‘s’ words in.


Each page has a symbol to help you with the phonetic pronunciation of the letter but if you are not sure then ask your child I am sure they would be happy to show you along with the action.  If you need any more support with the sounds and actions, then follow the YouTube link:


We will also attach some simple words that your child could practice reading. For example, they could look at the word ‘tap’ and you could encourage them to say each sound in turn showing them where to start reading. You can them help them ‘blend’, squash the sounds together to say the word. For example, you would say ‘t-a-p, tap’.



Please do not hesitate to get in contact with either your child’s teacher or myself should you require any support with the Sound Folders.




Kind regards,



Mrs Cheetham

EYFS Phase Leader

2nd October