Dear Parents/Carers



Now that your children have settled in well and are familiar with the daily nursery routines we thought it would be a good time to introduce another routine!


On Mondays your child can take home a story book to share with you during the week. This must be returned by Friday so that a different book can be taken home the following Monday.   We need to get the books back on Fridays so that there is time to give them a quick clean with anti-virucidal spray and then leave them in the setting for seventy two hours over the weekend, before passing on to a different child. We cannot issue a new book to your child if they haven’t returned the previous one, as we have a limited number of books.


Our main aim is to encourage the children to have the confidence to choose their own book and to foster a love of stories and reading.


We are also  hoping that you can  both  talk about what is happening in the story, the different characters and the setting. The children are given a selection of fictional storybooks to choose from so there may be books they choose again and again if they like them and there may be books that they they’re not too keen on .


We hope you will enjoy sharing these books with your child.


All the best


Elizabeth Dunne


Nursery teacher

15th October
Autumn Term
Year Group