Dear Parents/Carers

I just wanted to send you a short update with information and guidance we are able to share with families so far today.

  • The government have stated that none of the National Assessments will take place this year – KS2 and KS1 SATs, Phonics, Multiplication Tables Check etc
  • There will be no performance tables or accountability on these for Primary Schools
  • We have provided work for children to complete at home, on our website, if you choose to use this. There is no expectation for the work to be completed, how much and by when. Staff will not be marking this work and will not be able to offer personalised support. We have provided this work to support families who may want to continue with their children’s learning during this time. We will continue to add to and update the website during closure and will post activities and messages on Class Dojos, Twitter and on occasion via email also.
  • Our staff have now put automatic replies on their emails that state they can no longer respond to personal emails. Please do not try to communicate with your child’s class teacher directly. If your email is important it should be sent to
  • Attached is a suggestion of how you might organise your day. It is recommended that you plan timings for your day, and plan in physical activity to continue to support everyone in your household’s mental health during this time.
  • Today and tomorrow, we are trying our best to make sure children are having a positive experience on these last few days in school. We are playing games, teaching them games they can play with families and getting them outside.

We will continue to send updates as and when we can.

Thank you for your continued support and please do keep safe.


Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School

19th March
Year Group