To Our Amazing Woodcote Community

It is with great sadness that today our school will be closed to most children. We do not know when we will be back together but we know we will celebrate when we are. We know times will be tough for everyone over the coming weeks and I promise the staff here at Woodcote Primary are committed to supporting our families in any way they can during this unprecedented time. We would like to thank you all for the support you have given us, and will continue to give us, as many of our staff will continue to ensure that those families who are most in need are supported.

We will send a more detailed communication later today once we have all the information and are able to clarify what as a school we are able to offer for those families who really need it. The government has stated that every child that can be cared for at home should be. We understand the pressures that families will be under but your children’s safety is the priority. We urge you to support the social distancing needed during this time.

Thank you all once again for all you do for our school and community. We will see you soon.

Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School

20th March 2020
Year Group