Dear Parents and Carers,

We are so pleased to be welcoming back all children and staff. Whilst things will be a little different, we hope the children and staff will soon settle in to our ‘new normal’ and enjoy being back together and learning.

Last week we sent our parent guide that outlines the changes and actions we have put in place to support learning and safety (attached again for information). Please ensure you have read the document fully, so you know the expectations for yourselves and your child/ren.

Below we have given you further information as decisions have been made or to add further clarity to the information already sent.

Mr Rome retired as our Executive Headteacher on the 31st August. I continue as Head of School and Mrs Cox as my Deputy Head as we transition to The Pioneer Academy (TPA), which we hope will officially happen in November. We are pleased that TPA have agreed to support us with Executive Leadership during the transition period, and Mr Rome will continue to have links with the school as our Regional Director.

Below you will find additional important information for all families.

Drop off and Pick Up

From Monday 21st September, children should walk to their class/entry point on their own (apart from Reception and Nursery). Parents and carers should not come on site. Children will either enter through their classroom fire exit, or from the front gate the library/office entrance, or from the back gate through the library. Adults must walk the full one way system route.

One parent/carer can come on site for pick up at the end of the day. You should immediately collect your child/ren and leave the site.

Thank you for your support with this.

Home time permissions

Teachers will only release children to the persons named on their home time permission records. If you need to make an addition or amendment to your child’s records please complete the form here. You will not be able to pass messages to the teachers on the day.

Medical Tracker

From Monday we will be using a new electronic system for recording any accidents and when medications are given. This is called Medical Tracker and families will receive an email rather than a paper accident form as previously.

New Behaviour and Relationships Policy

Please take a look on our school website for more information. Miss Garlick has also recorded a presentation to give you more information.

Introduction of Google Classroom

All children are expected to return to school in September, but we are aware there may be occasions where children are not in school due to isolation, for example. We will continue to support learning at home and are moving to Google Classroom to make documents more accessible and collaborative. Families will be able to access the learning documents if the child is isolating at home, but you can also access these to reinforce and revise learning that has taken place in the classroom should you choose. We will initially post the daily English and Maths lessons and will build to include learning in other subjects by October half term.

We will post your child’s class code and the instructions for joining Google Classroom on ClassDojo in the next week and ask that you sign up immediately.  We will continue to use ClassDojo to share with you what you children are doing in school and as part of our reward system.

If you want to find out more about Google Classroom we suggest watching this video We will send out more information as needed.

Weekly Homework

From this term children’s homework will be placed on Google Classroom each week, and children will complete electronically. No paper copies will be provided.

We will set homework weekly from Year 1 (starting the week of 28th September). Homework is set to either recap or practise learning that is taking place in class.

Daily Reading This is the most important piece of homework your child should complete. If they complete nothing else, please support and encourage them to read each night for approximately 20 minutes. This can involve reading to an adult, discussing what they have read, sharing a book or reading to themselves. Children are expected to read daily at home for 20 minutes. From Year 4 this can be independent reading with a follow up discussion with adults.
Spellings Spellings are set weekly from Spelling Shed and include an additional activity. Children have access to the activities on the Spelling Shed App and teachers will be setting the corresponding lists as a task.
Multiplication Tables Multiplication tests happen weekly in years 3 to 6. The learning of these are supported by access to TTRockstars. Teachers will indicate which tables your child needs to focus on weekly.
English This work previews, or reviews work the children are doing in class. The work set alternates between a reading and a GPS focus.
Maths All Year Groups are set Maths Learning through MyMaths. This will include Lessons and Homework tasks.  In addition to TT Rockstars and Numbots


We recognise that views differ about homework and that there may be times where it is not possible for a child to complete it.   If you choose for your child not to complete all or some of the homework for whatever reason, we will not sanction children. This allows families to choose the level of homework they wish their child to engage in. However, children in Years 5 & 6 must complete their Maths and English Homework weekly.

Reading Records

We ask that children’s reading records and book bags remain at home for the current time. Children will be sent home with one book for the week and on return these will be quarantined. We would like families to continue to hear their children read daily and to record this. Families can either do this by completing the reading record at home as a record (which will be viewed by the teacher at a later date) or by sending the teacher a message through ClassDojo to keep them updated. The teachers will not reply to these messages, but it will give them information about how your child is doing at home with their reading.


Reverse Parents’ Evening

We know families have not had the opportunity to meet their child’s new class teacher or share how their child managed during lockdown. We are offering families a 10-minute virtual meeting with the class teacher should they choose, and are calling this a Reverse Parents’ Evening.

This will be an opportunity for families to tell the teacher about your child/ren, and to share any concerns you may have that you feel would be of value for the teacher to know. Our normal Parents’ Evening Appointments will take place in January where we will discuss your child’s attainment and attendance.

Reverse Parents Evenings will take place on Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th September between 3.45pm – 6pm virtually. This will be carried out through the Parents’ Evening System.

You can book appointments by going to

If you do have any problems please contact

Medicines Held in School

If your child requires prescribed medicines to be held in school, eg inhaler/spacer, epipen, specialist creams, etc, please ensure these are brought to school on your child’s first day and handed in to a member of staff at the front or rear entrance gates.  Each item must individually named and placed together within a clear plastic bag or box which should also be clearly marked with your child’s full name and class to ensure that the correct medicine is held for your child.  Please only include items for which you have completed a Medical form (please see attached – also available for download via the school website) as regrettably we are unable to administer any medicines for which we do not have a permission form completed.


​Should you have any problems/concerns regarding this, please email the office as soon as possible.

Hot School Lunches in Years 3 to 6

Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch if they are not entitled to a Free School Meal in years 3 to 6 as we will not currently be able to provide them with a school lunch.

Birthday Sweets

Until further notice we will not be able to hand out birthday sweets in classes.

Contact with School

If you wish to make contact with the school this can either be done via the office by phone call or email,,or you can contact a member of staff using ‘surname’


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any support.  We look forward to continuing to work with you and your child.

Kind Regards

Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School

3rd September
Year Group