Weekly Memo 10th September 2020




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Thank you to the children, families and staff for supporting the new arrangements in place to help keep everyone as safe as we can. We do understand there are a lot of changes and a lot of information has been sent, so we really appreciate the support we have been given, the really positive feedback and the questions that have been asked. We do understand some of the changes can mean things take a bit longer, but I am sure we all want to keep our community as safe as possible.


We have sent our memo out early this week because below are some updates and reminders.


Communication with Staff

As parents/carers are not able to talk to the class teacher at drop off and pick up, you should email the teacher or the office directly for any communication. Please do not go up to the classroom doors to talk to teachers, as this supports the safety of all in these current times and is part of our risk assessment. Thank you in advance for your support. Staff have also been reminded.


Staff will reply to emails when they are able to. Please appreciate that during the day staff are teaching, working with and supervising the children so are not always able to reply.


Wearing of Masks and Social Distancing

Due to the rate of infections increasing we ask that if parents/carers are able and happy to, that they wear masks when dropping or picking up children on the school site. Can we all please follow the government guidance on social distancing on site also.  This is an added layer of protection for everyone.


Timings of gates

Overall we feel the lengthened drop off and pick up is working well. From Monday, we will start to close the gates more promptly at the end times. Please ensure you allow enough time to make your way around the site and exit in time.  We ask that families do not enter the site before 8.30am unless dropping off to Breakfast Club.


One Way System

The one way system is in place to ensure we do not have pinch points, can maintain social distancing and to stop loitering. We understand that there is a longer walk around site for some, but ask that adults ensure they always follow this system to support everyone’s safety.


Adults on Site

As stated previously only one adult (or high school age pupil) should come on site at drop off and pick up. For clarity, this is 1 adult per family.


From Monday 21st of September we ask that all pupils from year 1 up are dropped at the school gates and walk on to site on their own in the morning. Children will need to have any items ready to enter the gates and additional staff will be around the site to support this.


Reception and Nursery parents will still be able to accompany, and we recommend using the front gate from the school road for access to limit the walk around site.


1 adult will continue to be allowed on site at the end of the day for pick up.



Some concerns have been raised about the queues at the gates. We ask that families remember there is an extended time to drop off and pick up so there is no need to come early and queue.


Water for Children

Please ensure your child comes to school with plenty of water for the day, particularly when it is hot or if attending breakfast/after school club. We are not allowed to have the water fountains on currently and are unable to fill children’s water bottles up during the day. Children can bring more than one bottle to school.


Consideration for our local residents

I am sorry to say that a few of our families, particularly those who park in Grove Wood Hill, have been seen to drop litter and face masks around the area outside of the school. For the safety of our school community and the local residents, please take your rubbish home.


Reverse Parents’ Evening

We know families have not had the opportunity to meet their child’s new class teacher or share how their child managed during lockdown. We are offering families a 10-minute virtual meeting with the class teacher should they choose, and are calling this a Reverse Parents’ Evening.

This will be an opportunity for families to tell the teacher about your child/ren, and to share any concerns you may have that you feel would be of value for the teacher to know. Our normal Parents’ Evening Appointments will take place in January where we will discuss your child’s attainment and attendance.

Reverse Parents Evenings will take place on Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th September between 3.45pm – 6pm virtually. This will be carried out through the Parents’ Evening System.

You can book appointments by going to https://woodcoteprimary.parentseveningsystem.co.uk

If you do have any problems please contact baldock@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk

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