Weekly Memo 16th October 2020




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Ofsted Visit

Thank you to the families that sent us feedback and support in light of the visit. As stated in the email it was a research visit and we were randomly selected to take part in this. The visit involved a day with senior leaders reviewing the return following lockdown. No judgements are made, but we got the opportunity to share what we have done in terms of the children’s return following the missed learning.


Please find attached the hot dinner menu for after half term.

Half Term

We break up for half term on Friday 23rd October at the normal school time. Children return on Tuesday 3rd November.

Class Marble Rewards

We have taken the decision to reward the classes that fill their Marble Jars due to good class behaviour with enrichment activities such as craft, cooking, and outdoor activities.  We feel this will be a great opportunity for the children to maybe try something new and share an experience with their class, rather than a film, mufti or pyjama day as previously.

Morning Drop Off

After half term we will continue with our lengthened drop off from 8.30am, but gates will close and drop off will end at 9.05am.

Appropriate Clothing for PE

Due to the Covid restrictions we are unable to do P.E. indoors currently. Please ensure on your child’s P.E. day they come dressed appropriately for the colder weather with plain black or blue tracksuit bottoms or leggings, plain T-shirt to match their house colour (or plain white or royal blue for Reception), and trainers. Please remember your child will not only do their P.E. lesson in these clothes but will also go out to break and lunchtime play in them.

Applications for Secondary Schools and Reception 2021

Recording children’s absence

With the number of absences that are being recorded on a daily basis we thought it would help both families and the school office if you could complete a Google Form to complete your child’s absence. Below is the link or you can find this on the attendance page of our school website.


Votes for schools

This week the children discussed “Have we forgotten about the environment this year?” ANext week we will not be having a Voters for Schools Session as we will be focusing on Diversity as part of our Diversity Week. As part of Black History Month and to promote diversity across the school, each class will look at a different artist (painter, sculptor, actor, musician….) and will celebrate their work.

Free E-Learning

The Children and Families Partnership provides free e-learning to anyone who lives, works or studies in Croydon. Courses include safeguarding, autism awareness, unconscious bias and online safety. These courses will be useful to school staff, governors but can also be offered to parents. More information is available at: https://new.croydon.gov.uk/children-young-people-and-families/professionals-working-children-and-young-people/partnership/training

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