Weekly Memo 2nd October 2020




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Recording children’s absence

With the number of absences that are being recorded on a daily basis we thought it would help both families and the school office if you could complete a Google Form to complete your child’s absence. Below is the link or you can find this on the attendance page of our school website.


Votes for schools

We continue to discuss our Votes for Schools questions in classes each week. Last week the children discussed ‘Should everyone volunteer in their community?’ and next week, as part of Black History Month, the children will discuss ‘KS1: Do you know your history? KS2: Does the curriculum represent you?’. Attached is further information for families.

Diversity Week – W/C 19th October

As part of Black History Month and to promote diversity across the school, we will be holding a school Diversity Week. During the week, each class will look at a different artist (painter, sculptor, actor, musician….) and will celebrate their work.

Temperature in Classes

As you will be aware, we are required to ensure good ventilation in our classrooms as part of our Covid protection. This became an issue when the temperature and weather changed dramatically last Friday. We have since reduced the number of external doors and windows that are open whilst maintaining good ventilation. The school heating is on and we have not had the same issue this week. Staff will continue to monitor this and have been told to inform a member of SLT or the site manager if the temperature in a class drops again. We have also informed staff that children can wear school fleeces in class if they are cold, even though this is not in the school uniform expectations.



Ho Ho Ho… only 12 weeks until Christmas!

We will soon be asking your children to design their very own Christmas Cards for you to purchase for family and friends. More info to come very soon…


Fair or no Fair we still plan to hold a Christmas Raffle. As always we need some STAR PRIZES to boost ticket sales, so if you have anything you can offer or know of businesses willing to sponsor all or part of a star prize we can offer lots of promotion in return. Let us know using admin@woodcoteptfa.org.uk


After a little re-arranging since the last email on the subject, please find a link to our current list of fabulous class reps http://woodcoteptfa.org.uk/whos-who/class-representatives/

If you need to get in touch let  us know via volunteer@woodcoteptfa.org.uk

Oasis Academy Coulsdon Virtual Open Evening

The link to the event is here https://www.oasisacademycoulsdon.org/admissions/virtual-open-evening and the presentations are pre-recorded to allow parents to watch them at a time which suits them.

Continuing Inconsiderate Behaviour of Some in Grove Wood Hill

We continue to have concerns raised from residents about the behaviour of some of the parents/carers of our school at drop off and pick up time. Below are some extracts from a recent communication from one of our local residents, and I hope you can see how unacceptable this behaviour is and what a poor model this is giving to our children;


… as I got into my car, on my driveway, a parent from your school leaned out the car parked opposite and spat onto the floor.

… then started being extremely abusive and rude. Her argument seemed to be that she could spit on the floor if she chose to, and could park anywhere she liked.

… I noticed another parent was eating in his car, and throwing the rubbish out of the window onto the floor.

I could not reverse due to parents turning/parking behind me. And the parents of the cars infront started to be abusive… and came (without mask) right to the window of my car.

… we are facing a global pandemic. That we need to care for each other and try our best to keep one another safe. That we should respect those around us, and not solely think of ourselves.