Dear Parents/Carers of Year 2


Thank you for your swift and supportive action with the year group closure this morning.


As stated in the letter, your child now needs to isolate for 14 days from Tuesday 29th as this was the last day of contact. This has them returning on Wednesday 14th October.


The teachers have started to upload learning for today on to Google Classroom, and full Home Education will take place on Google Classroom from tomorrow. You should already have received your child’s login details and we have attached parent guides.


Attached is a copy of the Home Education Timetable for the class for next week. All work will be posted on Google Classroom each day.


Each morning at 9am the children should log on for registration, a class meeting and a phonics session. You will be sent details of how to do this in advance via ClassDojo.


Children are not expected to wear their school uniform but are expected to attend as if they were in school; for example on time, not eating and with focus. This meeting is also an opportunity for the teacher and children to discuss any learning that has taken place and key learning points and any misconceptions.


At the end of each day there is an opportunity for the children to individually send questions with regards to their learning and they will get a response during 2pm and 3pm each day. We suggest the children can personal message the teacher through ClassDojo as they are used to this system.  Children do not need to feel they have to ask questions, but this option is there for them to get any support they might need.


Children should submit any work by 3.30pm on the day if they wish to receive feedback from the teacher. Feedback will not be given for work posted after this time so we suggest any work is posted as it is completed.


Whilst your child is isolating they should not leave your home at any point. They should not accompany you to collect any siblings who are not in isolation from school. To verify only the children who have been in direct contact in year 2 are to isolate. No one else in your household, or from another class needs to isolate unless your child starts to show symptoms.


If you have a booking with breakfast or after school club for your child or their siblings, we will not charge you for missed sessions during this time.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further support.

Kind Regards

Mrs Claire Baldock

Head of School

30th September 2020
Year Group