Ten Top Tips

  1. Set aside a special time and place to read with your child.
  2. Share a book every day.
  3. Read to your child as well as listening to your child reading to you.
  4. Encourage your child to ‘have a go’ at new words and praise his efforts.
  5. Read a wide range of books and comics.
  6. Use the whole book, including the cover and the pictures as you read.
  7. Talk about the books and your personal preferences.
  8. Provide a special place for your child to keep his books, whether they are on loan from the library or ones he owns.
  9. Join the local library or make use of the school library. Books are expensive and this gives your child access to a wide variety at no cost.
  10. Have fun – use different voices and accents, read some funny stories and poems, laugh together at comical illustrations.