Votes for Schools

This term we are launching our participation in Votes for Schools, in collaboration with the other schools local to us in Coulsdon. Each week the children will be presented with a question in assemblies and the different view points and information available will be shared with them to allow them to debate and form their own opinions. On the following Monday the vote of Yes/No will be taken in each class and this information collated. This will show us what our children’s views are, how they compare to local and National views of other children, and our vote contribution will support further action to be taken. Topics for discussion come from the latest news or key topics such as anti-bullying.

Each week we will share the vote results from the week before with the children.

Each week we will share the vote question in our Weekly Memo so you can discuss this at home, and we will also share the results of the children’s votes. This week’s question is…

Week Begin 17th September – Can we treat everyone equally in the UK?

Copies of the presentations can be seen below;

Can we treat everyone equally in the UK? KS1 & KS2

Would you like the police to spend more time in your school? KS1 KS2

Should Eid be a holiday for everyone? KS1 KS2