Woodies is a 45 place nursery for 3 and 4 year olds
linked to Woodcote Primary School.

Woodies Nursery

At Woodies Nursery, our highly qualified staff, including a full time experienced teacher, are committed to providing your child with the very best in childcare and education in a full-of-fun, warm, friendly and nurturing environment.

Woodies Nursery

 Your child deserves the best start in life and our ‘play and learn’ activities ensure exciting, fun-filled educational opportunities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We work hard to ensure your child’s progress and development through a dynamic approach of planning and interaction, aiming to ‘catch’ learning and build understanding as your child plays and interacts with the learning opportunities within Woodies. This is carefully planned and supervised by experienced, friendly and professionally trained staff.

We are committed to working very closely with you, keeping you informed of your child’s progress and making time to discuss with you anything concerning your child.

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Nursery Staff

Elizabeth Dunne
Susie Defreitas
Sue Judge
Nursery Assistant
Karen Mees
Early Years Educator
Jane Boots-Taylor
Nursery Assistant
Stef Vile
Teaching Assistant

Contact Information

Woodcote Primary School

Dunsfold Rise
Tel: 020 8660 9972
Tel: 020 8668 3374

General Enquiries: office@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk
Contact a Governor: governors@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk
Executive Headteacher's E-mail: head@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk
Head of School's E-mail: baldock@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk
Senco's E-mail: conway@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk

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