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Our English curriculum is based around key quality texts chosen to support out IPC topics. The books are chosen to deliver writing stimuli that inspire and engage children. The books are selected to reflect a rich vocabulary and high-quality writing for the children to emulate.

We have progression documents to ensure that we cover a wide range of writing purposes within each year group and across the school. They are designed to enable our children to write clearly, accurately and coherently, showing children how they can adapt their language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. Our pitch and progression document maps out the key writing skills to be taught. It provides guidance for teachers about the elements to include in modelled writing and indicates the intended purpose for the writing, while allowing the opportunity to alter the audience for the needs and abilities of the children.

Writing is assessed through regular termly book monitoring, lesson observations and learning walks by the English Lead, Headteacher, phases leaders and colleagues across the trust.

Writing lessons are closely linked to our quality text ensuring the children have good writing models and clear subject knowledge to base their writing upon. They build to a sustained piece of extended writing through a journey of immersion in the text, short burst writing to develop key skills and a final sustained piece of writing. Editing and proof reading is modelled and promoted throughout the writing process and can be seen in the regular green pen marking the children complete in response to teacher or peer advice.

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