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Timings of the School Day

School Opening Hours from September 2022, for compulsory attendance. 

Nursery 9am - 12pm, or until 3pm if attending afternoon sessions. 

Start of School Day is 8.45am from Reception to Year 6. Children are expected to be in class and ready to learn before 8.45am. We open gates and classrooms from 8.30am for entry. 

Reception, Year 1 and 2 Classes finish their day at 3.15pm, which is 32.5 hours per week. 

Years 3 to 6 finish their day at 3.20pm, which is 33 hours per week. 

A number of activities run after school in addition to our wrap around care provision https://www.woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk/croydon/primary/woodcote/site/pages/clubs/breakfastandafterschool 

Absence Procedures

There are only two ways of reporting your child’s absence:

1. Via the google form (located on the school website, Woodcote Primary School - Parental Forms) or

2. Voicemail message via the school switchboard. Tel. 020 8668 3374, pressing 1 for absence reporting.

Parents are required to notify the school of their child’s absence using either of the above two reporting methods by 9.30am on EACH day of absence. Emails to the school office and telephone calls to the main switchboard will not be monitored with regards to absences. If you send an email or try calling with regards to reporting an absence, this will not be accepted and you will be advised to re-contact using the above methods.

Should we not receive communication from you by 9.30am, then a message will be sent to notify parents that their child has not registered in school. In this event, your child’s absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’ on their attendance record.

Voicemail Messages

Please ensure you confirm:

• Your child’s full name

• Class

• Exact details of all symptoms - ‘not feeling well’ or ‘feeling tired’ are not symptoms.

Please be specific to help us monitor the symptoms/germs around school more efficiently so we can best update parents of any problems. If your child does have minor symptoms for example, sniffles, feeling fatigued, they are expected to attend school. We will of course monitor them, and contact you should we feel the need to.

Late Attendance

Parents must make every effort to have their children in school at the correct time to ensure they do not miss vital parts of their education. All late arrivals are monitored closely by the school and our Educational Welfare Officer and contact will be made should we be concerned about your child’s punctuality.

Absence for Medical or other Appointments (For example, dentist/doctor/consultant/school test, etc)

As far as possible, we ask parents to arrange medical appointments outside of the school day to avoid disruption to children’s learning. In the event your child has an appointment, please email the office (office@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk ) attaching a copy of the appointment letter, appointment card or a picture of a confirmation text message. This information is required to evidence the appointment/session of absence is required for each appointment or the absence may not be authorised

Absence from Learning Request

In accordance with the school’s Attendance Policy (available on the school website), requests must be made via the google form located on the school website, Woodcote Primary School - Parental Forms. Please allow at least two weeks for this request to be considered. You will receive communication on the school’s decisions as to whether your request has been authorised or not. Thank you in advance for your support with this.

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