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New Absence Procedures 2022


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We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the impact attendance can have on your child’s learning and to draw your attention to Woodcote’s Attendance Policy.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please use the google form, telephone 020 8668 3374, email office@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk or text via the School Gateway to report the absence before 9.00am detailing the type of illness.

You should then contact us on each day that your child is absent, even if it is within the 48-hour exclusion period for sickness or diarrhoea.

Medical appointments should be arranged outside of school hours, but where this is not possible please bring in either the appointment card or letter to confirm this. If your child is ill for a period of 5 days we will ask to see medical evidence.

In exceptional circumstances, parents/carers may need to request that a child is absent from learning; this can be found on our website or can be collected from the school office. We will determine the number of school days (up to a maximum of 10 school days) a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

If your child’s attendance falls below 96%, you may be invited to a meeting with our Education Welfare Officer. If, however, it is established that the poor attendance or punctuality cannot be justified and there is not an immediate and significant improvement following the meeting then legal proceedings may be commenced.

It is important to also remember poor punctuality not only affects the education of your child but can be disruptive to the learning of others. All children should arrive on time for the register as follows:

Nursery and Reception - 9.00am

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) - 9.00am

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) – 8.45am

We close our registers 30 minutes after they are opened and if a child arrives after this, it is marked as an unauthorised absence unless medical evidence is provided. Please be aware that a Penalty Notice could be issued after five unauthorised lates.

We hope to continue to work positively with all families to ensure that your children maintain high levels of attendance and punctuality throughout the year ahead. Each term we celebrate all children who have achieved 100% attendance in assembly with badges as well as monthly celebrations of the classes with the best overall attendance and punctuality.

At our school we are committed to:

·         valuing high attendance rates;

·         good practice, which encourages children to take a pride in their attendance and punctuality rates;

·         partnership with parents to ensure understanding, support and co-operation about high    attendance rates;

·         encouraging children to take full advantage of their educational opportunities by attending regularly;

·         working in partnership with parents, carers, our Assistant Headteacher for Well Being (Miss Jo Garlick), School Attendance Officer (Miss Kim Springall) and the Educational Welfare Agency (WPA) to address difficulties and recognise external factors which influence pupil attendance;

·         identifying patterns of non-attendance at an early stage and working to resolve personal/social difficulties;

·         following efficiently the school systems for accurate recording and monitoring of attendance and punctuality.

For more information download our School Attendance Policy

Absence from Learning

i)         Parents receive a list of holiday dates at the beginning of each academic year (also on the school’s webpage www.woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk) and are expected to take their holidays outside term time. Children should attend school for the maximum number of days possible since absences can have a detrimental effect on their learning.

ii)     Any request to remove a child from learning during term time for the purposes of an annual holiday will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

iii)   If it is necessary to make a request for absence from learning, such requests should be kept to a minimum and should not in any case exceed two weeks during a school year. (See appendix 1) Exceptional leave of absence will only be authorised if attendance at the time of request is above 96% and is unlikely to fall below 96% as a result of the requested leave.

iv)   Any absence from learning longer than two weeks in any academic year is treated as unauthorised, and may result in the issue of a Penalty Notice.

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